About Uniprise International Incorporated

Uniprise International was incorporated in 1976 for the purpose of manufacturing flameless pipe soldering and thawing tools. The soldering machines are used by plumbers to sweat copper fittings electrically rather than with a torch. The thawing machines use low voltage, high amperage current to thaw domestic water lines and hydronic systems. In 1980, Uniprise acquired the capability to manufacture flexible metal tubing. This process including its ancillary services has become our principal business. All manufacturing takes place at our facility in Terryville, Connecticut.

Product development and custom applications are our specialty. Working with a major medical device manufacturer, our engineers developed the tubing for a flexible surgical stapler. Other medically related projects include oxygen delivery systems for gurney patients and jet fighter pilots and light delivery systems for premature newborns. Working with military contractors, our tubing has been engineered for special purposes in the manufacture of parachutes, manpacks, vehicles, and communications equipment.