Designed with tough thawing jobs in mind. More power than you may ever need.

Twice as powerful as the UES 190D, the 200 D will thaw lengths of copper or steel up to 150 feet depending on the O.D. and offers these important features.

  • Toggle switches – boost voltage with the flip of a switch; eliminate changing lugs, save time.
  • Four voltage settings – more power is available for the tough jobs. The wider range of outputs provides the flexibility needed to handle various pipe sizes, lengths and types.
  • Ammeter – lets the user know if he’s completed a circuit; tells him if he’s drawing too little or too much power.
  • Lightweight – unit weighs 34 lbs., 50 lbs. with cables; easy for one man to carry anywhere.
  • 1/0 cable is standard – for faster thawing time and less heat buildup in the cable. More power is delivered to heat the pipe.
  • An accessory (UES PG) – available to hook two 200 D’s in series. This will double the output voltage of one 200 D.
  • Heavy duy – 500 amp clamps
  • Built-in heat sensor – automatically cycles the transformer preventing overloads.
  • Most important – we’re specialists. We have knowledge and experience to handle any situation. If your customer has a problem thawing a pipe, he can call us and we can help.
  • Built-in circuit breaker – limits amperage draw.