Quickly, Safely, Easily

Uniprise pipe thawing equipment is much faster than a torch, …much safer than a welder. It’s not necessary to know exactly where the pipe is frozen, no need to dig up pipes or break into walls. Simply attach the pipe clamps ahead of and behind the frozen section. The unit’s power packs are lightweight and easily portable. Plug the unit into any 115 volt, 15 amp household circuit. Within a matter of minutes the pipe will be thawed by safe, low voltage, high amperage power. The contractor can forget about the danger of fire caused by torches or electrical accidents caused by welders.


Uniprise Pipe Thawing Equipment is fully guaranteed for two years against any defective material or workmanship. Units found to be defective in this period will be promptly repaired or replaced.


InputOutputDuty CycleCapabilityPower PackCablesCircuit BreakerShipping Weight
115 volts, 15 amps, 60 cycles6 volts, 300 ampsContinuousThaws lengths of copper or steel pipe up to 75' depending on O.D. of the pipe.115 volts, 25 lbs2, 25' Lengths of heavy duty #2 cable with two 500 amp clampsProtects against overloads45 lb